Home Farm Facials

Home Farm Facials

Our Home Farm Facials muck out impurities in the skin, giving you a glow that says you’ve spent the day down on the farm.

Scolton Signature Facial (55 mins)

This relaxing skin-specific facial is deeply detoxifying, thoroughly revitalising and helps to even skin tone and increase clarity.

It incorporates a relaxing facial, shoulder and décolleté massage that releases any build-up of toxins, to improve radiance and restore a glowing complexion.


Fresh as a Daisy Facial (25 mins)

Instantly hydrating, softening and brightening, this facial will leave your skin looking fresh, clear and radiant. It will also clear the mind and leave you feeling as fresh as a daisy.


Bees and Honey Facial (90 mins)

Scolton is famous for its bees, so we’ve decided to honour them with this luxury facial ritual, which is fit for the queen bee.

First, your skin is cleansed and exfoliated. Manuka honey is then massaged in to the skin with rose quartz crystals before being removed with warm cotton mitts. A bee venom mask is then applied to ‘sting’ the skin helping to increase collagen production.

While the bee venom works its magic, your feet and lower legs are massaged using warm honey oil from specialist massage candles.

You’ll leave looking and feeling like the queen bee.


Horticulturist Facial (90 mins)

Someone’s been playing with the plants and come up with this amazing ‘natural botox’ facial.

The Horticulturist Facial combines the latest stem cell technology for instant and long-lasting results. It’s a cosmeceutical treatment, which means it uses active natural ingredients to penetrate the skin and skin cells, giving you instant and enduring benefits.

Your therapist will also work with you to tailor the Horticulturist Facial to your wishes, whether you want anti-ageing, brightening and hydrating, or detoxification results.

So, just relax and let the power of plants work their magic.