Detoxifying Seaweed Soak and Scrub (30 mins)

We use Irish organically harvested brown luminaria kelp, bursting with nurturing oils and detoxifying properties, for our seaweed soaks.

Slip into the velvety water for a moment of sea-inspired serenity. Infused seaweed oils that remove harmful toxins, tone the body, revitalise your skin and calm your mind.

Our luxury sea salt scrub will invigorate your senses and remove any dead skin to promote a youthful glow. This natural exfoliate combats cellulite and encourages body toning, eliminating toxins and works in harmony with the seaweed’s nourishing properties to deeply moisturise the skin.

This highly detoxifying treatment is excellent for promoting healthy circulation and eliminating joint stiffness, as it increases oxygen-rich blood flow throughout the body.


Botanical Blend Tub (30 mins)

Take the traditional soak to another level … in the peace and tranquillity of our bathing suite.

Bathe in the luxurious scents of carefully selected aromatherapy essential oils and fresh flowers and allow the warm water to gently soothe your muscles, revitalise your skin and calm your mind.

The treatment is completed with a self application of organic rose-infused shea butter body balm. Shea and rose oils are expertly blended into a light souffle with rosa mosqueta oil, rich in fatty acids aiding skin cell regeneration. Sunflower seed oil and apricot kernel help the skin retain elasticity, clarity, and suppleness.