‘Muddy Pig’ spa day

Seasonal Special Offers

Muddy Pig Spa Day

£69 per person (special price for summer 2022)

Allow 3 hours


Our Muddy Pig Spa Day offer has been extended until August 31st 2022. This means it’s available for £69 per person – down from its usual price of £99.

So grab a buddy it’s time to get muddy …

Muddy Pig Spa Day

It wouldn’t be a day down on the farm without getting muddy and our summer special spa day ensures you’ll do just that.

This spa day has been designed for spa goers who know how to go ‘whole hog’ on fun and is the ultimate interactive spa day perfect for couples and groups.

The day includes:
– Muddy Pig Spa Treatment (55-minute treatment – see details below)
– Mudslide cocktail*
– Use of the Elements Garden
– Two hours’ use of spa and leisure facilities**
– Robe, towel, and flip flops.

Muddy Pig treatment

A little dirt never hurt anyone … quite the opposite in fact.

We use hand-harvested muds from the Austrian Alps, where the glacial snows have thawed and flowed down the mountain bringing a gift from nature – mud.

A finely ground mineral dust, rich in quartz and mica imparts its beneficial minerals when it’s applied to the skin. These detoxifying muds have been used for decades as part of a cleansing ritual to draw out impurities and remove dead skin cells.

You’ll apply selected muds to your body – or each other’s if you’re in a group – then sit back and relax with our signature Mudslide Cocktail and allow the mud to perform its magic.

Finally, wash yourself down in cool water to remove the mud and reveal super-soft, plumped nourished skin. It’s an unusual experience for sure, but also a deeply sensual treatment … not to mention, great fun.

*Non- alcoholic alternative available upon request.
** Our leisure facilities (which include swimming pool, sauna and steam room) are also used by Scolton Health and Leisure Club members and Scolton Country Cottages guests. Access may be limited at exceptionally busy times.