Pregnancy Treatments

Pregnancy Treatments

Our Bumps-a-Daisy range has been created with mums-to-be in mind.

It’s been specifically designed to deal with common pregnancy complaints, such as water retention and stretching of the skin.

All treatments and ingredients in the range are pregnancy-safe, and our therapists work closely with you to tailor your treatment to your needs and wishes.

Bumps-a-Daisy Facial (30 or 60 mins)

The ‘Bumps-a-Daisy Facial’ relaxes, repairs and restores skin during pregnancy.

It’s been specifically designed to help expectant mothers manage their skin changes during pregnancy and is tailored to suit your skin concerns.

The facial uses rich, hydrating and repairing neroli and mandarin to rejuvenate and revive tired skin. It also focuses on massage to stimulate blood flow and combat tiredness and dullness, leaving skin glowing and mum-to-be feeling blooming marvellous.

30 mins – £55
60 mins – £75

Mare with Foal Massage* (30 or 60 mins)

Pregnancy is an exciting, but exhausting, time for mums-to-be, with stretched skin, aches and pains caused by growing girths!

This head-to-hoof massage relieves aches from the feet up to the scalp, using specialised techniques to relax you and your baby.

We use neroli and mandarin from our pregnancy product range to ease the effects of water retention and increase circulation, resulting in a more restful night’s sleep. Meanwhile, sweet almond and wheatgerm oils fused with rose, mandarin, ho wood and bitter orange work to increase circulation, reduce stretch marks and soften the skin.

*For safety and wellbeing, this treatment is not available to mums-to-be who are within the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.

30 mins – £50
60 mins – £70

Foal at Foot (30 mins)

Being ‘with foal’ can be heavy on the hooves. Our Foal at Foot treatment is designed to refresh, cleanse and restore feet that are tired and swollen.

It uses neroli and mandarin – from our pregnancy-specific Bumps-a-Daisy range – to help ease water retention, and sweet almond and wheatgerm oils to soften the skin.

The feet and lower legs are scrubbed with foot polish before being immersed into a warm foot bath. Aches and pains are then massaged out of feet and lower legs, putting a spring back in your step.